Mr. Sami Coussin de Soutien Lombaire Coussin Ergonomique à memoire de Forme



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  • Enjoy outstanding support and increased comfort for your lower back with Mr Sami lumbar support cushion. Perfect for relief from backaches, sciatica nerve damage and herniated disc injuries.Side wings support your lower back providing backrest. Ergonomic design targets the lumbar region and promotes improved posture and spinal alignment 

    *Moulds to the Natural Curve of Your Spine

    High-density memory foam responds to your body heat. Backrest for bed stays watching TV, reading or resting! A bed rest support pillow – firm and supportive


    *Two Straps Non-slip Pillow

    Innovative double adjustable straps [not the normal single strap] fit securely in most car seats providing adjustable comfort at home and on the go


    *Easy Clean Breathable Mesh

    Removable mesh outer cover absorbs and releases perspiration quickly – a hygienic back pain solution.


    *Highly recommended for

    Drivers – provides lumbar support and reduces feed-through effects impacting on the tailbone

    Office workers – promotes improved back posture positioning hips for proper spine alignment and relieves sciatica pain

    During pregnancy and after childbirth – relief from sciatica nerve damage and coccydynia

    Coping with sciatica nerve damage – helps prevent further episodes

    Tailbone pain from falls/traumas – reduces pressure on the tailbone and assists in the full recovery from tailbone injuries

    Promoting post-operative well-being for herniated disc injuries as a therapeutic seat cushion

    Superior seating comfort on long haul flights


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