Mr Sami Lumbar Support Cushion

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It’s time to make comfortable sitting a reality again.

Are you looking for lower back support while sitting all day?

Do you spend hours in front of your computer?

Are you looking for a lumbar Support Cushion for back support when sitting on your office chair?

Then you have come to the right place.

Sitting for hours is the worst enemy of your back. Whether it’s your office chair or car seat or your favorite leather armchair, you need to provide constant lumbar support to avoid chronic health problems such as back pain, herniated discs, scoliosis, sciatica and so on.

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  • BACK PAIN RELIEF SUPPORT: This back support cushion helps to relieve lower and mid back pain; Helps to achieve ideal spinal alignment and promotes healthy posture; Chiropractors endorsed for surgery recovery
  • ADJUSTABLE LONG STRAPS: Dual adjustable straps will secure our sciatica cushion tightly to the back of the seat; We added two convenient extensions up to 170cm in total for bigger chairs
  • VERSATILE USE: Our portable memory foam cushion can be effortlessly attached to numbers of seats or chairs; Perfect back support for office chairs, cars, trains and plane seats, wheelchair or any chair at home
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED MEMORY FOAM: This high-density and high resilience memory foam cushion comes in an ergonomic shape to fit the streamline of spine curve to sufficiently alleviate the pain of lumbar and vertebra area
  • HYPOALLERGENIC AND BREATHABLE MESH COVER: Breathable mesh cloth of our lumbar support pillow will keep your back cool and dry for the best experience; Removable and washable cover for easy cleaning and freshness


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73 reviews for Mr Sami Lumbar Support Cushion

  1. adham aldajani

    I bought it because I have back problems, it arrived on time and I love the packaging. fits on my office chair perfectly and the double straps hold it perfectly and don’t slip. I like the design and feel of it. and feels great as well, not like that last one I had, was too limp.

  2. TScott

    I am amazed by the size of the straps

    Well-made cushion, it does the job and looks durable. Been using it an can feel it’s helping me posture as well supporting my lower back where the problem are is. I am amazed by the size of the straps, I think I could strap this to pretty much anything including my car seat.

    If yo are looking for a lumbar support cushion and don’t want to break your bank then this is it! Highly recommended.

  3. Cigdem

    Best cushion so far, amazing quality and back pain is gone!

    Oh what a life saver!! This is the best quality ever back-support cushion ever that you can buy in Amazon at this price! Such a great value! I have been suffering from lower back pain for years now due to slight disk dislocation on my spine and i cannot sleep some nights due to the pain. I literarily tried every seat cushion on the face of the earth, nothing compares to Mr Sami’s.
    The cushion came in a nice carrier bag and the cover is removable with a nice zip it has at its back. The elastic stripes and the buckles are the best quality and fits any chair. It has non-slippery dots on its back, which is a great detail really as i hate when my cushion keep sliding down, this one simply stays where you leave it. In overall the product has a very nice quality, way above its price.
    The most importantly it works! My back pain is gone!

  4. Vasil

    The BEST lumbar support cushion money could buy
    I bought the cushion because my brother bought it before and he swears by it.

    It sits perfectly on my office chair, doesn’t slip or move due to really strong straps (never seen cushion with 2 straps before).

    I like the design and the size of it, just perfect.

    The memory foam is an actual memory foam unlike other cushions we bought before.
    This cushion is firm and looks like it’s made of premium quality.

    I read the Bio of this company and I decided I want to write the review they deserve for giving us a real great product and not cheating us like other brands on amazon.

    A very happy customer.

    Get it while you still can!

  5. Amazoner

    Firm, comfortable and comes with a carry bag
    I bought this for my mother, she suffers from back problems and following the doctor recommendations we bought this cushion which made sitting on a chair a lot easier for her, now it seems she can sit for hours without feeling pain. The carrying bag is really helpful as she can take her cushion with her wherever she goes, what a life saver. The straps are particularly good and strong, they hold really tight on the chair and prevents it from slipping or sliding. Very firm but still soft on the back. very happy with this purchase.

  6. Abdulrahman

    Provides comfortable support for my back
    I suffer from lower back pain because I spend long hours sitting for work, and I have been searching relentlessly for a good and firm cushion and had really bad experiences with some of the best selling ones on Amazon (will not mention the brand name) and I have to say, this one is different, firm, great quality and I love the design of it and the extra extendable straps, what a brilliant idea.

    Because of the material its made of, especially at the back side, it doesn’t slip at all, and the double straps provide even tighter hold to it. I just love it and for me, it deserves more than 5 stars.

  7. Imogen Partridge

    Worth every penny
    This pillow has adjustable double straps with extensions long enough to fit in my car seat. I feel a lot better driving with it now, supports my back and helps me with my lower back pain. My car seat is very comfortable now. I’m happy enough, money well spent to improve comfort and quality of my drive. Very good quality and firm enough, I’m thinking to buy the second one for my other car!

  8. Sinem Ayaz

    Perfect for my lower back pain
    Very comfortable, firm and looks really Grand.

    I use it on my office chair, sits perfectly and doesn’t slip thanks to the material its made of. With the double straps, it holds tight on my chair, no slipping or moving. I’m really happy with this cushion and i think I will buy another one for my sister.

  9. Jabbar

    A lumbar cushion that doesn’t slip. FINALLY!
    I LOVE this cushion, it’s incredibly well designed and executed, the non-slip back actually DOESN’T slip from my chair and the double straps make it very secure.

    The memory foam adds extreme comfort to this smart cushion. It comes in a convenient carry bag. Defintiely going to make my life easier now!

    A must buy!

  10. giovanni

    great purchase saved my back

    premium design cushion. Firm and fits perfectly on my recliner.
    The mesh cover looks really great and the little dots on the back of it keeps it from slipping, very smart.
    I’m happy it has 2 straps as the old ones I had they only had one strap and never lasted more than few weeks.
    U get 2 extra straps for bigger chairs or sofas like mine.
    When I set it gives me great support and I have been sitting today for longer than usual and no back pain. I’m extremely happy with this product and will inform my friends to purchase it as well.

  11. Jacinto Caetano

    Finally I can sit for hours without lower back pain! ?
    I have been using this cushion on my office chair, WHAT A RELIEF. finally, I can sit for long hours without feeling that horrible pain in the lower back area.
    The double straps are just GENIUES, the cushion doesn’t slip and doesn’t move at all, very smart idea. and they come with extensions as well, I can imagine it would fit a large seat/chair or even on a recliner.
    I love the carry bag, which I have to admit, a lot of other sellers do not provide. I like it because I can take the cushion with me back home for the weekend if I had to work from home.
    I’m very happy with this purchase and already showing it off to my colleagues 🙂

  12. kriegar

    Great little cushion that has helped keep me sitting straight at work

  13. Kriss

    Perfect cushion for my imperfect back

    Great design, Comes with carry bag (great for traveling)
    Fits perfectly on my big chair, and feels good when i lean on it.
    Memory foam actually works, unlike other ones i bought from the top ranking sellers on amazon.
    i like the idea of double and adjustable straps, holds tight and doesnt slip due to the non-slip material its made of.
    Very happy with this cushion and i think i order one for my office too.

  14. Farrell Fox

    Perfect Back Support!
    Just love this back support.
    So comfortable and supportive. The two straps are
    so much better than one at holding it in perfect place.
    I have just ordered two more.

  15. Krithia Wildfire

    Great quality and has a travel bag… what a treat.

    What a relief.
    Been struggling with my back pain and this lovely cushion did the job… I can sit on my chair for hours now and still able to work without that terrible lower back pain.
    The double straps absolutely GENUIS. It holds tight and the back of the cushion is made of rubber that doesn’t slip from my chair.
    I like the travel bag, this will go with me everywhere.
    If you have lower back pain, this is your cushion.

  16. Everton Lucas De Oliveira

    Nice and comfie

    I have lower back problems and I spend too many hours sitting in the office chair and that helped my day be more comfortable.

  17. Freddy

    Great product! Suits perfectly on my desk chair! Really comfortable!

  18. parsifal

    I’m very satisfied
    I’m very satisfied with this cushion, It saved my life, I have been with a strong pain in my lumbar, and I couldn’t work in front my computer, but with the cushion is great, much less pain, very nice for decrease pain and very comfortable. Is good because you can fix it easily in the chair. And the materials are really good…

  19. Agata

    I don’t normally leave any reviews but this time I …

    I don’t normally leave any reviews but this time I thought I need to share my very positive experience witht he product. This cushion really does give the support to the lower back and relieves from back pains if you are sitting for longer periods of time. Top seller and top product!

  20. David R

    Fantastic Quality
    I bought my second lumbar support cushion to take it to my office as the one im using at home is FANTASTIC. I cant believe how comfortable it feels. I love the double straps, keeps the cushion still and doesn’t slide thanks to the material the cushion cover is made of.
    This is a great cushion and does what it says.

  21. Walter 88

    It makes a big difference – Absolutely loving it, I m using it since 2 days and it is making a big difference to my back which I feel more relaxed. Definitely reccommended to those who have office jobs or sit long time!

  22. Gary B

    Quality item

    Arrived quickly supports the back and helps you keep a good posture, straps are elasticated and adjustable so will fit most seats and stays in position. Comes with it’s own carry bag and is of very good quality. Highly recommended.

  23. Amazon Customer

    Five Stars – It has helped with my back pain

  24. Dalia

    Great cushion for people with chronic back pain- makes any chair you sit on orthopedic
    Great for people with chronic back issues, has belts to secure it to the chair which makes it so practical and maleable with any chair ergonomics. The “Support” aspect got a 4 star-rating rather than a 5 star only because the material of the cushion itself is a bit slippery, so even if it is secured with the belts it still slips and moves behind the back but not to a noticeable extent. Would have been perfect if the cushion had silicone or rubber pads on the corners to give it more of a grip.

  25. Mr Jones

    Excellent lumbar support

    Should have bought this years ago. My computer chair at home is raked back too far to offer proper support and I’ve, foolishly, just put up with it. Affixing this brilliant little lumbar support pillow has cured the uncomfortableness at a stroke. Can’t recommend highly enough.

  26. Stu Who

    Bought as a gift and now wish I’d ordered two.
    I bought this as a gift for my friend who is a tattoo artist who regularly complains of having a bad back and she has absolutely fallen in love with it, the support it gives her back has made a staggeringly positive impact on her life in and out of work, all she’s had to say is great things about it. It’s sturdy as you like, really well made, looks aesthetically fantastic and was hugely affordable, amazing value for what you’re getting in the long run and for something that really feels built to last. Hat’s off to Mr Sami, this is genuinely a great and seriously well made product, definitely ordering my own one on my next pay day.

  27. john niblo rose

    Five Stars – great item happy with purchase

  28. Vera

    Great product
    I purchased this item after reading the reviews.I have only used it for a short while,but find it is light and comfortable.I used it at the weekend on a long train journey and it was really good and made so much difference as I was able to sit in comfort. Thank you.

  29. Emma

    Comfy and easy to use!
    This is a great product arrived quickly easy to clip on the back of my office chair as is comfortable and supportive for my back!

  30. Cs Howarth

    Just perfect – Amazing comfort and support

  31. Nadz

    Good firm cushion
    Works very well in car. Quick delivery. Good quality item. Cover not really needed.

  32. steve holmes

    First class – Excellent for long drives much better than what I had previous.

  33. J. Reid

    Good Value.
    Helps to relieve back pain when sitting for long periods.
    Highly recommended.

  34. Helen O

    very nice, just what I needed
    Yes, very nice, just what I needed. Fits perfectly on my chair and into the lumbar that needs support. Would not be without it while sitting at my chair, reading and other work.

  35. Lara

    Makes a difference.
    Bought this product to make sitting at the office desk more comfortable and I am happy about the purchase. I suffer from lower back pain after a slipped disk so keeping a good posture and using lumbar supports is vital for me. This pillow does the job and at the end of my shift back pain is minimal. I think I’ll get a second one for the car.

  36. Aquil Jawad

    Easy to use
    I used it to support my back in the car which is perfect

  37. James Malseed

    An excellent lumbar support cushion.
    Delighted with this purchase. I have severe lumbar spinal stenosis and this cushion makes a difference. Thinking of buying a second as I have this one in my car!

  38. R Shah

    Works well and would buy again
    I got this for a colleague at work and she absolutely loves it. It is good to have for posture.

  39. C. J. Colley

    My husband has osteoporosis and was finding it difficult to sit for long. This has really helped to support him.

  40. deejayden

    Excellent design and ideal for home and travel
    Thanks Mr. Sami for the Lumbar support cushion I received yesterday. I particularly like the added extensions on the adjustable straps allowing it to be fitted to the wide upholstered chair in my office. The well made travel bag is an added bonus and will, I’m sure, come in useful.

  41. Patricia

    Would recommend – Perfect support

  42. Barry Stevens

    After trying several others, this support really does help. Almost certainly over time it is bound to lose it’s support but I would not hesitate to buy again.

  43. Georgina Pilcher

    Very happy! It hit the spot as they would say!

  44. Paula Grossman

    Great Service and product
    The knee support is a good product, very supportive. Excellent customer service. I originally purchased the wrong size but when contacted the supplier sent the next size up quickly and at no extra cost. Very impressed.

  45. Sue

    Great investment
    I bought this cushion to use a work. It has been a great help easing the pain in my lower back and shoulders. I am sitting in a much better position and managing without any painkillers now.
    It stays in place on the chair thanks to the elastic straps across the back.
    A great buy

  46. Amazon Customer

    Very good
    Bought for a colleague at work. It provides very good back support when sitting for long hours.
    he is very happy with product. Would recommend.

  47. marj

    A very good buy.
    I have a spinal condition which needs support while sitting, I use this support while sitting in my car and on the sofa, I find it gives me comfort and I am really glad I purchased this item.

  48. Kindle Customer


  49. Simon Hoyle

    Good product – Good price good product

  50. Ms. Susan Shearman

    I injured my back just before Christmas.
    I am taking so many painkillers I rattle.
    Only relief provided by this cushion on the right chair.
    I cannot thank you enough.

  51. adio24

    10 out of 10 for this Lumbar support
    Love this Lumbar support and cant belive what good value it is. It is very sturdy and the straps are so handy to attach to an office chair. Really helps my lower back pain and i have all ready recomended it to my friends. Very happy with it and delivery was so quick to Ireland. Thank you 🙂

  52. pharo

    Good support, well presented, recommended.

  53. linda may westwood

    Excellent product and delivery
    Excellent product and seller. Would definitely recommend. Received item next day. Very well packaged. Wish I had bought one sooner. Very comfortable and my back feels better already after only a few days.

  54. adam davies

    Super, super product
    I bought this as I am a bus driver, and was constantly suffering from discomfort and pain in my upper back, particularly my right shoulder.
    Since I started to use this cushion, I honestly wouldn’t be without it. I gained instant relief when driving, gained extra comfort and most importantly, i had very, very little – or no shoulder discomfort after work. Fantastic purchase.

  55. CATMAN

    Good quality comfortable cushion
    Used in car for back support,good fair sized cushion and able to fix with ties to car seat

  56. Miss Karen A Rose

    Great support for my back
    Bought this cushion as I spend a lot of time at my desk. This is a great support for my back very comfy. Like the straps to fix to my chair and it came in a handy bag. Certainly can recommend.

  57. beryl moore

    Comfy support cushion
    Love this support cushion, really helps my back, so comfy and light so glad I bought it.

  58. Mario

    Item came on time – The quality is good for the value.

  59. caroline taylor

    Great Service – Great support my back feels so much better

  60. G A C

    does the job
    Value for money and perfect support for lower back. Extremely pleased with my purchase.

  61. HanT

    So comfy!
    I looked at all of these cushions and read all the reviews. I actually bought the mesh version but sent it back as it kept sliding into the base of the seat I was on. I went for this one as I liked the idea of 2 straps and it is brilliant. Really supportive and stable with the 2 straps. It’s so comfortable I definitely recommend it!

  62. David Mullen

    Instant relief from any back pain thanks

  63. S. Sharp

    Diagnosed with Lumbar Lordosis, needed a support for office chair. Fantastic! Felt like my spine fitted like a glove. Secure straps to fit any chair, excellent quality and handy travel bag too!

  64. Amazon Customer

    Comfort at last
    Fantastic support for my back,just what I needed for my office chair.

  65. Eric C Murfet

    Good item, didn’t check size so my fault, not as big as I had hoped but does the job, seems to be made in good material

  66. J T lancs

    back pain saving idea
    Very good product helps me a lot I have has two prolapsed disks for 20 years and i need to sit to use the computer a lot for my work . If it was possible to also have a broader size also that would be even better as in 6ft 3ins tall and broad backed , But still a very helpfull thing and inexpensive .

  67. Sue, London

    Really helped a colleague with a back problem
    I liked the packaging it came in and it has offered good support to a colleague who has a back problem and needs lower lumbar support

  68. Amazon Customer

    Good product – Good seler good product

  69. Bet

    Supports your back
    Seems to work on office chair gives you more support

  70. mrs wendy hames

    Great comfort – Back rest

  71. Amazon Customer

    Comfort, ease of backache
    love this; have been using cushions for ages to support my lower back whilst sitting ( issues exacerbated by scoliosis). This is so comfortable and supports in just the right places (easily altered with 2 straps). Also looks so much nicer than cushions! Will probably be buying another one for my future office.

  72. Lauren G.

    Great item
    Great item. Helps a lot

  73. Aj

    Really comfortable

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